NAT Geo just made all USGS maps easily printable from Home

I posted about free downloadable USGS maps of the United States last year here: USGS Topo Maps for Free.  The official USGS site is great for finding accurate small-scale (1:24,000) topo maps of whatever part of the US you would like to have.  The problem with the site, or at least the maps you can get … Read more

USGS Topo Maps for Free

Did you know you can get USGS Topographic Maps for free?  I didn’t either until I started screwing around on the web looking for maps.  The place to go is the USGS Map Locator & Downloader.  From that page you can find the map you want and download it to your computer or device for … Read more

Book Review: The Survival Medicine Handbook, 2nd ed. by Joseph & Amy Alton

Since most people are neither EMTs nor doctors a medical reference guide for use in survival situations is a must have. You cannot go much wrong with The Survival Medicine Handbook: A guide for when help is NOT on the way 2nd ed. by Joseph and Amy Alton. I had the first edition and have … Read more

The Mundane of Everyday Survival-The Sewing Kit

In line with my contention that most prepping sites spend an awful lot of time talking about politics and/or weapons here is an attempt on my part to change that. Just about every BOB/GOTH list out there has a sewing kit on it. What they don’t really talk about are minimum content requirements. At a … Read more

Tying Knots # 5: The Fisherman’s Knot

The fisherman’s knot is a symmetrical bend made with two overhand knots tied around the standing part of the other.  A drawback of the fisherman’s knot is that it can slip when tied in nylon monofilament or other slippery lines. However, if more holding strength is required you can simply double or even triple the … Read more

Tying Knots # 4: The Bowline Knot

The Bowline is a knot that makes a simple loop that is easy to tie and untie.  It comes untied very easily even after a lot of strain is placed on the knot.  This is a good knot for simple things such as hanging game or any other application where ease of untying is needed … Read more

Tying Knots # 3: The Clove-Hitch

A Clove Hitch is simply two successive half-hitches tied around an object. It is used to secure a rope to a standing object and can also be used to tie two or more objects together making a lashing. This knot is sueful when making improvised shelters, building a travois, raft, or any other application in … Read more