Tying Knots # 5: The Fisherman’s Knot

The fisherman’s knot is a symmetrical bend made with two overhand knots tied around the standing part of the other.  A drawback of the fisherman’s knot is that it can slip when tied in nylon monofilament or other slippery lines. However, if more holding strength is required you can simply double or even triple the … Read more

Tying Knots # 4: The Bowline Knot

The Bowline is a knot that makes a simple loop that is easy to tie and untie.  It comes untied very easily even after a lot of strain is placed on the knot.  This is a good knot for simple things such as hanging game or any other application where ease of untying is needed … Read more

Tying Knots # 3: The Clove-Hitch

A Clove Hitch is simply two successive half-hitches tied around an object. It is used to secure a rope to a standing object and can also be used to tie two or more objects together making a lashing. This knot is sueful when making improvised shelters, building a travois, raft, or any other application in … Read more

Tying Knots # 2: The Half-Hitch

The Half Hitch is one of the basic knots that everybody should know. In concept it is essentially a single hitch formed around the standing part of another hitch. The main use of the half-hitch is to complete and strengthen other knots so that they do not unravel.  This is a knot that will be … Read more

Tying Knots: My First Video Series Going Up

One of the things I am going to be doing is putting a series of essentially how-to videos up to demonstrate how many of the survival tasks in my book are done.  I am thinking of coming up with some catchy title like “What Right Looks Like” or something similar.  I have not decided on … Read more