Book Review: Don’t Hurt People & Don’t Take Their Stuff by Matt Kibbe -Copy

Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto by Matt Kibbe is a thinking man’s book, which is probably why the people that would benefit most from reading it probably won’t.  If you are sucking the government teat and leeching your existence off others then you are not reading it.  Those of us … Read more

Johnny Cake # 2

Here is the report on Johnny Cake. First off, let me describe the Johnny Cakes that comes out after cooking. Mine came out as lumps abut 1 ½ inches around. Much like Hardtack, after you let it dry and cool completely it actually crumbles into chunks with a little effort. Johhny cakes are 95% corn … Read more

The Quest for a Modified ALICE Ruck -Update # 1

A quick update on the rucksack Mod. I finally got my modded medium ALICE ruck back from the shop yesterday. I had the pockets removed and a MOLLE/PALS rack installed on the outside and had quick release clips added to the compression straps. Now I just have to get down to business putting it back … Read more