Got My New Pouches

Just got my replacement pouches for my BOB bag in today. I have not packed them yet but I already like them better just because they have stiffeners in the MOLLE attachment straps instead of Velcro. I got the Condor EMT pouch to put my First Aid Kit in and a VISM Small Utility Pouch to put my compass and other undecided items into.

They are made in China though. I looked and looked and could not find anything that seemed halfway what I was looking for that was made in America. Made in America is turning into my hobbyhorse. I wonder why these good companies cannot make their products in the US. I know just about all soldiers and veterans, plus preppers would be willing to pay a little more if we know the money is staying in the US. I damn sure am.

I will post more pics and a longer review when I pack them up on Friday.

New Pouches