A Lightweight First-Aid Kit for Major Traumas

I have spent several years in Europe while in the Army and one of the things that is required in every car is a first aid kit filled according to DIN 13164, which is just the German legal norm.  I have toted one of these around in my car ever since my first tour in Germany in the early 90’s.  I have only ever had to use it once, but when I did I managed to save a guy’s life who had wrapped his car around a tree.

This is an excellent kit for dealing with major trauma.  I thought of this recently when I was considering what first aid gear I want in my BOB beyond the list I already have.  I am a firm believer that First Aid and wound care should be a priority when packing a BOB or GOTH bag.  If you are lucky, it is gear you will never use but by God when you need it, you really need it and I think that major trauma is going to be one of those things that we are going to have to be able to deal with on our own post SHTF.

The First Aid Kit pouch
The First Aid Kit pouch

Thinking of this I went looking for my car kit and discovered that I actually have three of them.  The one I decided to use for inclusion in my BOB is made by a company called Leina-Werke Gmbh.  It is packed in a red, zipper pouch and filled it measures 5½ in. H X 8½ in. W X 3 in. D.  It is pretty light so I weighed it and it comes in at 412 grams, which is slightly less than a pound.  It has a selection of everything you need to treat a major wound except for a splint.

Opened up to display the contents
Opened up to display the contents

The official list of the required contents is here at the German Red Cross website (In German).  The translated list is below:

Quantity  Quantity (Article) designation Explanation / Details
Pre-2014 2014
1 1 Adhesive Tape (DIN 13019-A) Tape roll, 5 m x 2.5 cm
8 4 Emergency Bandage (DIN 13019-E) “Bandage” 10 x 6 cm
0 2 Fingertip bandage 12 x 2.0 cm
0 2 Band-Aid 1.9 x 7.2 cm
0 4 Band-Aid 2.5 x 7.2 cm
0 1 Compression Bandage C (DIN 13151 – K) K = Small, 3 x 6 cm
3 2 Compression Bandage M (DIN 13151- M) M = Medium, 4 mx 8 cm
1 1 Field dressings G (DIN 13151- G) G = Large, 4 mx 10 cm
2 1 Dressing cloth (DIN 13152- BR) Small 40 x 60 cm
0 1 Dressing cloth (DIN 13152- A) Large 60 x 80 cm
2 2 Fixative Bandage DIN 61634- FB 6 Individually, dustproof packaged, elastic 4 m x 6 cm
3 3 Fixative Bandage DIN 61634- FB 8 Individually, dustproof packaged, elastic 4 m x 8 cm
1 1 Emergency blanket Mylar Emergency Blanket: Minimum: 2 100mm x 1600 mm, Thickness 12 microns
6 6 Wound Compress Sterile wound dressing, max. packed in pairs, absorbent 10 x 10 cm
2 2 Triangular Bandage (Cravat) DIN 13168- D If necessary, individually packaged dustproof
1 1 First aid kit scissors DIN 58279- A 145
0 2 Wet wipe to clean intact skin
4 4 Medical Gloves DIN EN 455-1 to -4 Dust-proof (max. 4 pcs) packed, seamless, single-use
1 1 First aid booklet First aid information Booklet German Red Cross
1 1 Contents Contents Listing


I started to look to see if these kits can even be bought in the US and I found a couple of places that sell them.  They are pretty pricey at anywhere from $12-$45 plus shipping.  I even called my mother-in-law in Germany to have her price them there for me and In Germany they run about 15€ each and you can buy them just about everywhere.  Here are the few places I found that will supply them or at least ship to the US.

  1. The Draper Din 13164 First Aid Kit on Amazon
  2. Holthaus Din 13164 Monza First Aid Bag also on Amazon
  3. Rapid Online has the Blue Dot European Motoring First Aid Kit- DIN Standard 13164 and will ship to the US from the UK