Gear Review: 1 Liter Nalgene Bottle with Human Gear cap

I have had my current 1 liter/quart Nalgene Water Bottlefor a little over 2 ½ years now and have absolutely nothing to complain about. I did replace the lid that comes with the bottle with a Humangear cap. The cap I use is not compatible with tubed hydration systems. That is mainly because I hate CamelBaksand everything similar. I must have 4-5 different backpack hydration systems in my basement gear room that I got during my military career and one that I bought on the civilian market and I uniformly dislike them all. It is not that they are inconvenient, they are extremely convenient. My problem with backpack style hydration bladder systems is that they are so damn hard to keep clean. I had serious problems trying to keep mine clean in Iraq where I had a secure FOB and at least rudimentary facilities. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to keep one clean and hygienic in a bug-out situation where civilized facilities are plain unavailable or erratically available at best.

Therefore, I went with this bottle. I have two of them and a garden variety 2-quart Mil-Spec canteen in a MOLLE pouch attached to my BOB. I won’t even bother reviewing the 2-quart as it has been around for decades and is battle tested. If you buy a Mil-Spec canteen you cannot go wrong.

Back to the Nalgene bottle though. As I said, the cap I have is actually a cap with a cap on it. That is it has a smaller cap on top that is more appropriately sized for drinking directly from the bottle. I have used this bottle every day to take a drink when I go to work and also when zi go on day hikes with the wife. The great thing about Nalgene is that it does not take odors. If you ever used an old army plastic canteen you know that as soon as you put kool-aid or something else in the canteen you are cursed to always have a slimy taste in the water no matter how much you wash it. That is not the case with Nalgene. I have put all kinds of stuff in my bottle from Tang to coffee and just plain water. It simply does not absorb odors, which I love. The bottle itself is almost indestructible. I have dropped it 20 feet onto rocks and all it got were some scratches.

The Bottle and accessories I tote on my daypack
The Bottle and accessories I tote on my daypack

I love this bottle and consider it an essential item. It is has a more economical shape than a regular canteen for attachment to my Bob and the Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch and Bottle Mug I use are extremely practical designs as well.

If you are looking for a water bottle to add to your BOB or just your daypack then you cannot go far wrong getting this extremely durable and functional bottle. It is so great it makes me wonder why the military sticks with the crappy designed canteen they have.