Gear Review: Guru Cache Paracord Spool Tool

Everybody should have 550 cord in their BOB, if you don’t have it or something similar you are wrong.  The question I see is what is the best way to store it?  Traditionally I have stored 550 cord looped and secured with a sinnet knot.Knot1  That lets me take out what I need without getting the cord tangled up but it is not the ideal solution.  I have wanted some sort of spool device like you sometimes get with fishing line or kite cordage for a while now and I finally found one a few weeks ago surfing the net. Spooltool # 1

It is a ParaCord Spool Tool from Guru’s Cache.  This turns out to be just the thing I was looking for.  It easily holds 100′ of 550 cord and you could probably fit 125′ on there if you wanted to.  It has multiple features:

  1. A clip that fits a mini-Bic© lighter
  2. Razor cutting tool
  3. Multiple size burn slots for 550 cord
  4. Integrated hole for attachment with a karabiner.
  5. Two starter holes for attaching the cord prior to spooling

Using it is very simple and straightforward.  There are two starter holes in the center and you simply thread the cord through and tie an overhand knot to secure the end of the cord.  Then wind the cord around the spool.  Keep the cord tight as you wind to keep the bulk of the end result down.  It does not effect unspooling  if you do this.  When you need a length of cord simply unspool the amount you need, cut it with the cutting tool, set it into the desired burner slot, then seal it with the lighter from the integrated clip.


This is a deceptively simple tool and one I am surprised more people have not thought of and manufactured before.  The tool is constructed of high impact, high density plastic that should be pretty durable.  The design is very well thought out. The razor cutter is actually a standard razor blade such as is normally found in a box knife and it can be replaced easily by the removal of two screws.  Attention was paid to detail in the design as is evidenced by the detent on the lighter storage clip to prevent the gas button on the light from being pressed while it is stored and the addition of a spare screw for the razor retainers.  As my readers are aware from my other gear reviews, I am all about finding domestically made products and am even willing to pay a little more to support my fellow countrymen.  This  tool is not only Made in the USA, it is made by a small business and has a lifetime warranty.  That does not affect my recommendation though, what does is that this is one of those products that once you have it you wonder why nobody else has been making one before now.  This is an invaluable addition to my BOB as it is light, compact, and makes getting the right length of cord without a mess easy and fast.  I highly recommend the ParaCord Spool Tool as an invaluable addition to every prepper’s BOB.