Gear Review: Survival Life and the Everstryke Match

IMG_3082I decided to try out the Survival Life free offers they push all the time just to see what I would get. I ordered the free Everstryke match. It cost $4.95 shipping and I got two of them about 3 weeks later. They are obviously not the highest quality items in the world but what do you expect for $4.95? They are still pretty neat though.

Essentially it is a plastic reservoir with a ferrocerrium rod glued to one side. The piece that screws into the reservoir has a small striker and a cotton wick. You fill the reservoir with Zippo fluid and then strike the match against the rod to get a flame. It makes a pretty good flame and as long as you have fluid you can probably use one for a good while. One thing I don’t IMG_3083IMG_3084know and could not see was how to change the wick. I don’t see how this is a whole lot different from a Zippo except that the flame is on a stem and thus should be slightly easier to light tinder or kindling on fire with than is a Zippo.

My conclusion is that they are worth $4.95 but I would not pay much more for them unless the construction were a lot sturdier. As for Survival life and the buying experience. You have to be careful when ordering because they sneakily try to rope you into subscribing to their survival newsletter at almost $20 a month. You can pay with either credit card or Paypal. I used Paypal because I will be damned if they are getting my credit card #. The ordering page is full of pop-ups and hidden code. I don’t know if I will take advantage of their offer again because frankly, with my background in IT I don’t trust the security of their ordering site.

They have several different items they offer as introductory deals on their products page, all you have to do is sign up for their email newsletter and accept some aggressive marketing.  They are definitely aggressive and good at marketing.  That being said, Survival Life does have some pretty decent articles on their main site if you can wade through the ads and other marketing.

My reviews will be a combination of text and then a few ratings criteria.  The ratings will rate an item on:

  • Price – 5/5
  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Versatility – 1/5 but then this is a single use item
  • Durability – 3/5 although I am not yet sure how well the plastic construction will hold up under normal use
  • Overall Rating – 3/5 two for $4.95 is pretty unbeatable and even if they don’t last very long they weigh next to nothing and are very small.

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