Made my first batch of hardtack today.

It is one of those forever foods that if stored properly will literally never go bad. It is still cooling off so I have not yet tried to eat them but if they taste anything like MRE crackers I know this is one food I will always have. They are hard as a brick already and I can see why Civil War soldiers had nothing good to say about it.
Hardtack # 7
One day soon I plan on trying my hand at making Johnny Cake, the Confederate version made with cornflour. I found recipes for both here at the Arkansas History Hub website: http://www.arhistoryhub.com/civil-war-make-your-own-hardtack-and-johnny-cake/

Once it is cooled I will vacuum pack the individual pieces and add them to my BOB & GOTH kits, they should make a pretty good gruel with the bouillon cubes I already have in there. In a few days I will eat a piece and post a full description of how to make them.