Home Defense: Points to Ponder

I have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of thinking lately about home defense in a survival scenario. There are couple of things that have struck me as absurd about some of the advice out there for how to prepare your home for defense.  There are some pretty stupid ideas floating around about things you can do to make your home less attractive.  There are some pretty good ideas out there too.

Here is a list of some of the dumber ideas I have seen and where I found them.

  1. Mark fake minefields/obstacles – This is actually a pretty good one until the enemy figures out that its fake at which point you only have a huge vulnerability in your perimeter.  As well as leaving the impression that you are either not serious or have no resources.  I would actually lean toward putting a real command detonated mine along a likely route of approach and then using it, even if it is the only one you have.  Keep in mind, you can only do this during a total societal breakdown otherwise you open yourself up for multiple different criminal charges, murder being only the most serious.
  2. Use a lighter and hairspray to scare them off – does anyone really think that a determined looter or attacker is going to be deterred by you holding up a can of burning hairspray?

    Really scary looking right?
  3. Use weapons simulators – I am assuming here they are talking about using Hoffman devices, grenade and arty simulators, and butane MG simulators.  Let’s see, Hoffmans and grenade and arty simulators can actually be used to make devices that will actually kill and incapacitate an attacker.  MG simulators are noisemakers. If there are any vets in the attacking force they will know you are using simulators because they sound nothing like the real thing and they will probably press their attack harder, I would.
  4. Plant thorny bushes in front of your windows –This has got to be the one of the dumbest ideas I have read.  While I suppose that in theory this will slow down an attacker, I am unconvinced.  This may stop burglars and thieves during normal times but after the SHTF times will be anything but normal.  I remember pulling a raid on a house in Iraq where the owner had done this, (probably not for protective purposes).  The whole outside of the house was ringed with some kind of flowering thornbush except by the front and rear doors.  It sucked going through them but we did it anyway.