The Importance of Planning

Planning is something we all do, all day every day, whether we are conscious of it or not.  That kind of planning will not hack it for preppers.  We must have a plan in place before the SHTF because when bad things happen is not the time to sit down and come up with a plan for survival.  That is the time to execute the plan we already have because the time you take to plan may be the difference between life and death.

In The Simple Survival Smart Book I devote an entire chapter to planning and its importance. A good plan can take into account equipment and training shortfalls you have.  A plan I also not static.  Unlike the US Constitution, a good plan IS a living document in that you should periodically relook it and update or adjust it as your situation changes.  You should also not have just one plan but several covering different scenarios.  Obviously, the plan you have in place for a total collapse is going to be different than the plan you develop for a severe weather event.  There is no such thing as one plan for every eventuality.

Decision MakingI recommend a 7 step planning process that I have adapted from the US military.  It is a simple guide to help you think through the problem you are planning for in a logical and consistent manner.


The decision making process above is intended to be used a helpful reference to clarify thought and keep your plan both realistic and doable.  Never forget that planning is the first step to survival in any situation.  The absolute worst thing you can do is go haring off with no clear idea of what you want to accomplish and the time to plan is before anything bad or untoward happens.  Keeping a clear head in desperate straits is halfway to getting yourself out of trouble and surviving.