The Simple Survival Smart Book -Christmas Sale

From now until Christmas Eve I have reduced the price of The Simple Survival Smart Book by 25%.  Instead of the regular price of $14.99 it is now $11.20.  As always, if you buy the Print version the Kindle e-book is free.  Follow the below link to purchase or you can find it on Amazon by searching for Simple Survival Smart Book.

The Simple Survival Smart Book is an invaluable tool in the survivalist/prepper’s toolbox.  It is a compact book packed with the essential knowledge you need after the collapse or even if you are just camping for the weekend.  It is available as a Paperback, Kindle ebook, and audiobook through

When the SHTF you are going to want to have this book in your rucksack. What is inside is the basic knowledge you will need to ensure that you are not a victim when the State of Nature returns. Combining the knowledge of a lifetime of woodsmanship and 23 years of Combat Arms experience in the US Army I have broken all the most critical tasks and requirements down into a simple reference Guide to help the average person get a grasp on what they need to be able to do and have to survive if society were to collapse tomorrow.

Available as Paperback, Kindle ebook, and audiobook through

What Reviewers are saying:

“…this book belongs in everyone’s preparedness library.” – Ben at

“…fills a need for detailed info on bug-out, camping, and wilderness survival, beyond what most preppers and prepping books/articles know.” – Thoreau at Prep-Blog

“His section on map reading and navigation is one of the best I’ve seen in any survival book that is currently available.” – Riverwalker at Stealth Survival


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Bonus:  If you buy the hardcopy through the Amazon link below you will receive the Kindle ebook for free.

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