Two Police Officers and a Civilian Killed in Las Vegas

Killers of Las Vegas cops harbored anti-government ideology

Tea Party and other like-minded Conservative groups can not move fast enough to disavow the two idiots that killed two Las Vegas Cops and a Civilian yesterday.  If reports are true that they draped a Gadsden Flag on the bodies of the cops then they have sullied a symbol of freedom.  The media will take this incident and run with it and come politicians will use it a an excuse to claim they were right all along and the right are dangerous and should be slapped down.  Supposedly, white-supremacist and neo-nazi literature and materials were found in the killers apartment.  That right there is enough to prove they had no link to the Tea Party and other conservative movements.  As has been shown again and again, racism has no place in Tea Party/conservative philosophy.

The time for revolution may come, but it is not now as peaceful resistance to abuse of government power still workers as demonstrated at the Bundy Ranch recently.

My prayers go out to the families of the officers and civilian killed by these two.