A Couple of Great Reference Sites for Military Publications

Not everyone knows it but everything produced by the US government is in the public domain unless it has been classified or otherwise specifically restricted from public distribution.  This includes everything from USGS maps, to government produced photos and videos, to all manner of printed material.

Many of those publications are useful to the prepping community, especially those from the Engineer series having to do with with obstacles and fortification.  Since these manuals are by and large public domain, except for the newest versions in general, I have added a few links below to PDF versions of these manuals.  These links will also go up on the references page of the site.

As I announced a few weeks ago I am taking some of these manuals and editing them to make them available as print editions.  Often these manuals are already available in print but at a significant cost.  My goal is not to make money with these although i would be lying if I said I did not make any, the goal is to make them available at affordable prices.  I am going to try to keep all of them priced at under $10 although some of the larger ones will have to go for more than that simply because of the printing costs involved.

The first couple of these are already out and an example is the Operator’s and Direct Support Maintenance Manual for the M1911A1.  I have combined both the operator’s and the direct support maintenance manuals into one volume and priced it at $7.49 while just the operator’s manual is available for $10.40.

Of course the most current updates are available online from the Dennis J Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library but that is only available to current military and DoD civilians and most of the pubs there are restricted from distribution.

Here are the doctrinal pubs links:

The GlobalSecurity.org Army Field Manual page: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/

The Federation of American Scientists Army Intelligence and Security Doctrine page: http://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/#fm