The USDA Farmers Bulletin, an Untapped Resource

Cover of USDA Farm Bulletin # 1

How many folks know that the USDA was not always a vehicle for farm subsidies and welfare administration and to some extent even still does useful things for the American farmer?  Given the current political environment i would guess that the number is low.  However, throughout its history (the Department was created in 1862 by Abe Lincoln), one of the main things it has done is try to assist American farmers in increasing their agricultural output.  One of the ways it has done this is through the issuance of USDA Farm Bulletins on all kinds of topics related to farms and farming starting in 1889.  It was especially active in doing this during the first half of the 20th century, especially during the Depression years.

Because these bulletins are government products they are in the public domain and and some other groups have led the way in digitizing these bulletins and making them available for free download, they even have a searchable index page with links to digital copies – The USDA National Agricultural Library also maintains an index by title, author, number, or subject on their page at –

These are invaluable resources for the prepper who expects societal collapse as many detail long forgotten pre-farm mechanization/industrial farming cultivation methods.  Methods that many modern farmers are no longer proficient with because they are no longer used.  I urge all preppers to at least browse the index, you might be surprised what you find in there.