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This site is here to hopefully show that survival and emergency preparedness does not have to complicated.  Survival can be and is simple.  Most of what you need to survive almost anything is in your head, it is being mentally prepared and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.  If you cannot do that that should be step one in becoming a prepared person.  All the cool gear and supplies in the world will not help you if you melt down and turn into a blubbering wreck when things get tough.  That is true of any situation.

In Richard Adams The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy he describes the Guide as having a plain cover with two words on the front Don’t Panic.  Those words are the number one thing to remember when the world goes to hell for whatever reason from the common natural disaster to the unlikely societal meltdown.

A little bit about me, the author of this site.  I am a retired US Army Cavalry Scout and trained historian.  The main purpose behind this site and the reason I put it up is a realization that the world, but particularly Western civilization is in another of those transition periods where the paradigm by which people live their daily lives is undergoing a sea change in how things work.  This is not new and while history does not repeat itself as the popular saying goes it often seems to and the past can be a good guide to the potential course of events in the present and near future.

I consider myself a Prepper but I also don’t think that I fit completely into that niche world because I do not think that the end of the world as we know it (TEOTAWKI) is around the corner or even particularly likely.  The scenarios I see as more likely are also more pedestrian but can be just as devastating when they occur.

The site has been around since 2014 shortly after I published The Simple Survival Smart Book.  I am currently working on a second edition of that book which will include extensive updates and reflect my current thinking about survival.  This used to be a simple blog site but I changed it to a more static format because I wanted to highlight the areas I think are the most important for the average person that wants to be prepared.

Instead of being an unformed blog that follows a stream of consciousness type format of posts (which you can still find on the Blog page), I have instead organized the site into a thematically grouped set of category pages with sub-pages for sub-categories.  I think this organizational scheme makes more sense and should make the site easier to navigate.  I also have a feedback page that I hope people (you, the reader) use to tell me what I am doing right and especially what I am doing wrong so I can make the site better.

In my real-world life I also teach history at the university level and the articles are not designed to be the final answer to any subject.  I hope that they are well rounded and provide a good starting point but want them to make you interested in further researching these things yourself.  To that I will have lists of links for further reading at the bottom of just about every page.  Some of these links will be to academic type articles and others will be to other survival and preparedness pages.  No single person has the exact right answer and I am no exception.

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