The Importance of Reliable News Sources

I am a news junkie and always have been.  One of the reasons my wife says I am a cynic.  There has been much talk about how untrustworthy the media is in the past decade or so.  I agree with that as far as politics go but there is more to it than that.  There are plenty of other news sources that are also untrustworthy or at a minimum guilty of gross hyperbole.  It does nobody any good when a pedestrian news story is blown all out of proportion, you could even call it panic-mongering.  Among the prepper community I see this a lot.  Some simple story is blown out of proportion in order most likely drive sales.  One of the sites that I see do this a lot is survival life, they probably have the most aggressive and sensationalist marketing I have seen within the prepper community.  Other sites do it too and here is an example I found this morning while checking Drudge as I do every morning.

NOAA Space Weather Center 3-day forecast for 29 Sep, 2016.

Drudge linked to a story from the UK Daily Express about a solar storm.  The info in this story is so over the top it is unreal.  The story is here: Solar storm heading towards Earth threatening to break your Sky TV and mobile phones and just the headline is misleading.  Read the story and then compare it with the 3-day solar weather forecast from NOAA.

It pays to be both knowledgeable and skeptical when it comes to the news.  The last major solar storm that struck the earth and caused a power outage occurred in 1859 and is known as the Carrington Event.  A storm that powerful could happen and here is a good piece form National Geographic (What If the Biggest Solar Storm on Record Happened Today?) about what might happen if it did, but if one were heading this way not only would the major media outlets pick up on the story but governments would get involved in warning people as well.  Our government may be incompetent at a lot of things and they may not serve the people well, but they are also not actively trying to destroy civilization either.