Gear Review: AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I received this article free from the vendor for review purposes. Other than the article reviewed I was not paid by the vendor and and the opinion expressed in this review is purely my own]

I use a Remington 700 as my hunting rifle and I currently have a VOKUL bipod that I use when I go hunting that I paid less than $20 for and is perfectly serviceable.  The AVAWO bipod is at roughly the same price point as the VOKUL selling for $17.99 on Amazon at the time of this writing.  As I always do when reviewing products, I tried to research where the item is manufactured.  That I could not easily figure out.  A quick Google search overwhelmingly takes you to Amazon links for the vast array of products sold under the AVAWO brand name.  There is also a company website at that has only an email address on the contact page.  A little further digging reveals that the AVAWO brand is a registered trademark in Hong Kong and the US to a holding company called HONGKONG EASYTOP TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED incorporated in 2013 in Hong Kong that has registered several brand trademarks.  Since there is no place of manufacture data on the packaging or bipod itself and given the location of the company that owns the trademark, I am left to conclude that the bipod was most likely manufactured in China, which explains the price point quite well.  That does not mean this is not a good product, just that I am a natural cynic and want to know the origin of the products I buy or recommend.

First, the specs of the bipod off the manufacturer’s website:

  • Material: Hardened steel, aluminum; Color: Black; Leg Height: 6″ / 152mm (retracted) –  9″ / 225 mm (fully extended) Light weight: 10ozs
  • Features: Ultra-light spring loaded folding mechanism bipod; Compact and light weight; Non-rust black anodized finish ;Rubber padded on top to protect fore-end of gun
  • Durable with new design high quality that you can quickly attaches to sling swivel stud.
  • Lleg height: 6 to 9 inches.
  • Adjustable leg length (5 settings) with return springs.
  • The legs can be folded forward or backward.
  • Heavy duty and made of hardened steel and aluminum.
  • With a non-rusting black anodized finish.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Quickly attach or detach from the rifle using the existing swivel stud.
  • This bipod does not have a swivel top and does not tilt from side to side.
  • Adjustable height & foldable arms with spring tension

I got the AVAWO Bipod in the mail and interestingly the box it is package in was labelled as a fishing adjustable swivel holder.  Opening the box, it is packed in bubble wrap and there is no data sheet or instructions for mounting.  Mounting is actually straightforward but if you are a novice and have never messed with a swivel mount bipod I could see how the lack of instructions could lead to confusion as it takes a bit of thought to figure out how to mount the bipod.

Upon unpacking the bipod, I examined it and at first glance it is fairly sturdily constructed.  After closer examination, aside from some minor cosmetic differences such as phillips head screws vs allen head screws, and different types of rubber for the pads, it is exactly the same as the VOKUL bipod I have and not a lot different from the much more expensive Blackwhawk!! Bipods.  I suppose that has a lot do with the fact that form follows function and other than materials and craftsmanship, a bipod is pretty much a bipod.

The legs of the bipod are adjustable and spring load when fully closed such that if you press the release button they spring to fully extended and it is possible to adjust the leg height at roughly 1/2 in interval from fully retracted to fully extended.  It is possible to mount the bipod with the legs either forward or backward on the rifle.  I mount mine with legs forward to keep the fore-grip unobstructed but it is preference thing.  When opened the bipod legs are quite stable.  If you abuse them I am sure they would bend but they are plenty sturdy for typical hunting and target shooting.

The bipod mounts to the rifle easily and is quite stable once tightened down.  I suppose you could loctite the lock down screw to prevent loosening but I do not since I remove the bipod when I clean the rifle.  The sling mount on the bipod fits standard rifle slings, I have a real-tree sling from BassPro and it goes on quite easily.

All in all, this is a great value for the price.  Personally I have issues with it being made in China but if American or European companies insist on pricing themselves out of the casual market then I cannot help them.  I refuse to pay 4-5 times more for a similar quality American product.  I am not rich and I assume most of my readers are not either.  If two products of are equal quality then I will pick the greater value every time, that is basic economics at work.

This is an excellent bipod at an excellent price and if you are looking for a quality, low-priced bipod for a hunting rifle, the AVAWO bipod fits the bill quite nicely.