Home Defense: Good Ideas

Before you can determine the best methods and steps to take to properly defend your home you have to do a good threat assessment.  What will work to stop a burglar will probably not work to stop a determined looter or bandit.  To get an idea of what steps people took to control banditry and … Read more

Book Review: The Great Degeneration by Niall Ferguson

This review first appeared on my history blog Battles & Book Reviews on August 6th, 2013.  I am putting it up here because I think this book is important enough that every informed person should read it. If there is one book in the realm of history or political science any informed person needs to read this year … Read more

Home Defense: Points to Ponder

I have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of thinking lately about home defense in a survival scenario. There are couple of things that have struck me as absurd about some of the advice out there for how to prepare your home for defense.  There are some pretty stupid ideas floating around about … Read more

The Simple Survival Smart Book

The Simple Survival Smart Book is an invaluable tool in the survivalist/prepper’s toolbox.  It is a compact book packed with the essential knowledge you need after the collapse or even if you are just camping for the weekend.  It is available as a Paperback, Kindle ebook, and audiobook through Audible.com. When the SHTF you are going … Read more

Audiobook Giveaway

I am giving away twenty (20) free copies of the audiobook version of my recently published book; The Simple Survival Smart Book.  The first twenty respondents will receive a redemption code for your free copy at Audible.com.  The audiobook sells for $19.95 retail. In order to receive a free copy simply send an email to info@simplesurvival.us with “Audiobook Giveaway” in the subject line

Simple Survival Launches

Welcome to the brand spanking new Simple Survival. In January I published The Simple Survival Smart Book and this site will be the future virtual home of information out of that book as well as expanded information, news, and tips having to do with surviving in post-collapse world.  I hope more and more people join me as … Read more