MOLLE/ALICE combo ruck

You know what I would like to see?  A medium to large ruck that can be attached to an ALICE frame but that has MOLLE/PAL modularity for fitting pouches to the outside.  I love the ALICE frame.  It is comfortable, sturdy, and rugged and I have used ALICE rucks for almost 25 years.  In fact, I used my ALICE ruck in preference to the POS internal frame MOLLE ruck I was issued.  The internal frame rucks are garbage from my perspective.

I currently use a large ALICE ruck for my pre-pack BOB and while it is adequate I am unhappy that it is not really modular.  There is also the fact that a large ruck is actually too big, I am constantly tempted to tweak it and add more crap than I probably need.

A ruck midway in size between the ALICE Medium and Large that has a PAL ladder on the outside instead of pouches would be the perfect fit I think.  I have looked and looked and have not been able to find anything remotely like what I want.

I might actually pitch it to several companies and see if they think it makes sense as well.  I assume I am not the only guy out there that loves the ALICE frame or toting heavy loads long distances.  Sound off – does anybody else think this is a good idea?