What is a BOB? and I am Back.

I ran across this piece on Task & Purpose not too long ago and it has a very down to earth appreciation of what a BOB is and is not.  There is a lot of confusion of what should and should not go into a BOB and the author lays out the planning considerations for a BOB very nicely.

Here’s the Link: A Survival Expert Lays Out What You Need In Your Bug-Out Bag

A Side Note: I realize I have been remiss in posting recently but I am going to try and get better at it.  I have some more reviews I am working on and hopefully life will get less hectic letting me post more here.  Simple Survival is my secondary site as I concentrate on my passion for history at Battles & Book Reviews, my main site.  I have not forgotten this site though and am starting to work on some more product reviews and some other stuff that should start going up soon though probably not with the frequency I used to have.